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From data to DaDa — the future (Metadata) meets the absurd (Dada)

Your ticket gets you:

Entrance to the venue

Metadada will be held in a beautiful old distillery, just outside Berlin (approx. 1 h away) called Gutshof Genshagen.

Access to the sleeping zone

We’ll be capping the attendance to 150, with a little catch that there will less than half this number of beds. This is to maintain a consistent energy from 8pm Friday till 8am Sunday, but also to help push the absurdity levels just a little.

Artist’s slot on the program

The event will bring together artists, designers, coders, musicians, DJs and entrepreneurs to both experience and to co-create the non-too-distant future through different installations and experiments – tech meets art, but also the future (Metadata) meets the absurd (Dada).

Spaces at MetaDada

Cabaret Voltaire

Inspired by the origins of Dada in Zurich, this main hall will be the centre of all the action, complete with:
DadaBar – cheap drinks and delicious cocktails with a twist
Restaurant – Choose from all-you-can-eat (5 meals and snacks) or purchase as you like!


The hidden Kino cell will be playing non-stop retro/techno films but also host interactive talks and discussions.

Ernst Studio

Ever wanted to take up painting? Or perhaps record a single or soundtrack? The studio is the place to kickstart your new creative career.

The Lounge

A place to relax, scheme, gossip with new connections and participate in a range of different workshops.

Dadadance Club

The never-ending basement party rolls right through the night and day. Top class Berlin DJs will be blaring out their best mixes from start to finish.

Sleeping Zone

Situated across the paddock from the Brennerei, the sleeping zone is always open for you to take a power nap and get right back in to making.


If the weather is fine, then the paddock will be pumping. Make sure to wear some sunscreen!


Govinda Hiemer
Matt Stewart
Mea Hoffmann
Nora Wagner

Join us at Metadada — a 36hr experimental festival taking place in an old distillery near Berlin!