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MetaDada Berlin 2018

1 venue

36 hours

150 creators

A timely experience in a distorted world.

May 4th - May 6th
Gutshof Genshagen

100 years since the Dada movement shocked the world through its distortion of information & abstraction of reality…

We now create more unprocessed information (data) each year than the whole rest of human history!

From GPS tracking and facial recognition to sleep apps and web cookies, we incessantly quantify our world with the help of digital technology.

From data to DaDa — the future (Metadata) meets the absurd (Dada)

Inspired by the Dadaists, we want to explore…

what can happen when a major currency of our contemporary world, data, becomes abstracted

and to push each other to explore our own artistic limits for the sake of expression, performance and community!

MetaDada Experiences:

Workshop: Surveillance & Mask Making
Workshop: Letter Writing
Workshop: Solve Your Problem
Workshop: Sleep Deprived Improv
Midnight Metadading
DadaDadance Club
MetaDada Movie Marathon
Tactical Tech Collective’s Glassroom ExperienceVisual Art Installations
Visual Art Installations
Yoga & Meditation
MetaDada App

MetaDada is—an experiment—art—the future—your friend—a festival—everything—36 hours—data—Dada—not a festival—yours to curate—not for the faint hearted—here—your enemy—not art—embrace—love—not a festival


Alma Frida — Celia Gómez de Villavedón — Chris Scarlat — Christine Lariviere — Dero Rothenburg — Ericos Kindermann — Gamze YalcinGovinda Hiemar — Hattmann Belleus — Insea Landt — Jen Lijó — Judith Brun — Marvin Voß — Matt Stewart — Max Knape — Mea Hoffman — Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar — Miriam Flick — Mita Hiemer — Nora Wagner — Olga Skoczylas — Phillip Tettenborn — Pia Sostak — Rodolpho Acosta — Sarah Bhandari — Sarah Mandelmuse — Sven Hirsch — Thomas Schindler — Yasmin Alabed — Yessi Klein — Zsanett Kovacs — AND YOU?
Berlin Graphics Cultural Design DisnovationTactical Tech CollectiveTelekom
JurieMemberHarry CharlesMr. Propellerhead K.Eule Dj ForhouthDer Schamane, An der Waterkant/HSTliver Liefke, KomfortzoneOhdus, KopfüberNelson Bell, Kopfüber

Join us at Metadada — a 36hr experimental festival taking place in an old distillery near Berlin!